Friday, March 22, 2013

Olodum:Outreach Evaluation & Diasporic Grassroots Coalition Building

I'm taking a really awesome class called International Black Social Movements.One of the class assignments is an "Outreach Evaluation & Diasporic Grassroots Coalition Building Strategy." Sessy and nerdy at the same time, I know. Basically, it is a 20 minute in-class multi-media presentation that requires the explanation of the political philosophy, mission, program, constituency, leadership, and outreach strategies of the assigned organization, in addition to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the organization’s outreach strategies and suggestions for improvement. On top of this we had to find a counterpart organization for coalition building. It was a lot of work, but I must admit I had fun doing it! I gladly put my PDR (Professional Decision Report, "AKA" my Capstone Project) to the side and dug in deep.

My organization was Olodum, a Brazilian samba school and social activist organization. I was familiar with them before research  I just didn't realize it. They are the drummists in Michael Jackson's hit ”They Don't Really Care About Us,” one of my favorite MJ songs! Aside from musical accomplishments such as creating samba reggae, having one of the largest and most renown samba schools in Brazil, and kicking it with the King of Pop, Spike Lee, and Paul Simon, Olodum has an activist and social service component that makes me admire them even more. They are an exemplary organization, capturing the attention of the world through creative cultural expression.

I selected the Backstreet Cultural Museum as a counterpart organization. The similarities (Carnival based, cultural manifestations and pageantry, humble beginnings, and disenfranchised communities) between the two organizations were numerous and would create a really create partnership.

Below you will find my presentation. Don't judge. It's my first Prezi. Hope you enjoy!

Paz, poder, e amor (peace, power and love)

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